Press Kit: Hanwag Fall/Winter 2018/19

Date: 2018-01-22

Winter is the number one season for multifunctional footwear. Whether everyday urban use or outdoor leisure activities, as soon as its wet and cold, functional footwear comes into its own. Hanwag’s multifunctional Active Winter Line, now in its second year, is successfully offering high-quality, long-lasting winter footwear that guarantees to keep your feet warm and dry.

Innovations, such as MICHELIN® V-ROUGH sole technology from last winter, or our Eco-Shell Footwear membrane, which is new for this season, make the models better and also more sustainable. With the new arrivals, PULJA LADY ES, SAISA HIGH ES and SAISA MID ES, ANROS ES and ANVOK ES, for the first time Hanwag is making footwear without using any fluorinated chemicals. This is an important first step in a new direction towards sustainable footwear production.


Waterproof, breathable, sustainable: Hanwag presents its first ever Eco-Shell Footwear in its Active Winter Collection 2018/19

All models in the Hanwag Active Winter Collection combine high functionality with a design suitable for everyday use. These high-quality and highly durable winter boots and shoes guarantee to keep your feet warm and dry in the cold and wet months. With Hanwag footwear, this goes without saying. Additionally though, the Hanwag research and development team has been investigating ways to make footwear more sustainable.

Hanwag has been making high-quality and durable mountain boots since it was founded in 1921. It uses two complex shoemaking techniques only – cemented construction and double stitching. This means that all Hanwag boots and shoes are fully resoleable, which prolongs their lifespan, saves resources and helps protect the environment. Hanwag sources all its raw materials very carefully for the highest quality and durability and predominantly local and eco-friendly processing. In order to ensure the shortest possible transport routes, the Bavarian bootmakers manufacture exclusively at their own production sites in Europe.

With Eco-Shell Footwear, Hanwag is now presenting a new, proprietary membrane that is perfect for functional winter footwear. Eco-Shell Footwear is waterproof, breathable and sustainable. Thanks to its innovative technology, Hanwag uses absolutely no fluorochemicals in its new Eco-Shell Active Winter models. In addition, the PULJA LADY ES, SAISA HIGH LADY ES, SAISA MID LADY ES, ANROS ES and ANVOK ES have a warm lining made of 100% recycled polyester and uppers made from high-quality leather from European tanneries. They are all made exclusively in Europe. They are particularly long-lasting, resoleable and can ultimately by disposed of in domestic waste as Eco-Shell footwear is combustible and harmless for health and the environment.

Andreas Settele, Head of Research and Development at Hanwag explains the idea behind Eco-Shell Footwear:
“As a sustainable brand, it’s important for us to produce shoes that function, but also reflect our DNA. We are committed to developing sustainable products, including eco-friendly supply chain, production and materials. This is why we decided to make all the new models in the Active Winter 2018/19 product line completely free from fluorinated chemicals. PFCs are harmful to people, animals and the environment They break down very slowly (they are characterized as persistent) and short chain PFCs have been found in water and air samples at some of the most remote areas in our planet.” With our Eco-Shell Footwear, we are taking the first step towards being able make our future production and supply chain free from problematic chemicals.”

How does the Eco-Shell footwear membrane work?
The Eco-Shell footwear membrane works as a hydrophilic system. The hydrophilic system is a chemical process (A) where sweat, i.e. moisture (B) on the inside of the membrane is transformed into water vapour (C) and transported away to evaporate outside. Eco-Shell Footwear has a polyurethane (PU) membrane and is therefore free from polytetrafluoroethylene (PFTE). The new Eco-Shell footwear models in the Active Winter Collection have a three-layer laminate: The outer layer is made from polyamide to protect the membrane. In the middle layer a PU membrane effectively stops moisture from getting in from the outside, while transporting moisture away from the foot. Finally, a warm lining made from 100% recycled polyester protects feet from the cold.



Hanwag is continuing to use MICHELIN® V-ROUGH sole technology with its Active Winter models

Last winter, Hanwag launched the innovative MICHELIN® V-ROUGH sole that was developed together with MICHELIN Technical Soles exclusively for Hanwag. The MICHELIN® V-ROUGH sole successfully transfers the V-shaped tread design from the legendary MICHELIN Alpin 5 winter tyre to a technical footwear sole. It is made of a unique and specially formulated rubber compound that responds perfectly to winter conditions, offering grip, traction and durability for active winter outdoor enthusiasts and urban winter users.

This is why every single model in the Hanwag Active Winter Collection combines high functionality with a design suitable for everyday use. Fall / Winter 2018/19 sees the MICHELIN® V-ROUGH sole in use on the popular ANVIK GTX® and AOTEA GTX® and all further models in the Hanwag Active Winter Collection.

How does the MICHELIN® V-ROUGH sole work?
The MICHELIN® V-ROUGH sole is all about combining the perfect tread with the optimal rubber compound. Its MICHELIN Winter Compound (WIC) uses soft, non-slip rubber that offers good grip and exceptionally good abrasion resistance. In addition, the MICHELIN® V-ROUGH sole profile has special V-shaped, interlocked and siped tread blocks for winter performance. The siping at the heel and toe provides improved adherence during toe-off and heel strike and – in combination with the full midsole – maximum stability and control in winter conditions. All in all, the tread design successfully transfers the benefits of the V-shape profile of the legendary MICHELIN Alpin 5 winter tyre. Exclusively available in the
Hanwag Active Winter Collection, this exceptional sole offers enhanced traction and adherence and is also self-cleaning and hard-wearing.


By women, for women: The Hanwag Women’s Alliance goes into its second round for Fall / Winter 2018/19 with two new members and new models

Hanwag founded the Women’s Alliance to develop mountain and trekking footwear that women want, made specifically to provide a particularly good fit for female feet and meet their women’s specific functional requirements. Working together with Petra Thaller, Magdalena Kalus and Anja Kaiser, Andreas Settele and the Hanwag Research and Development initially started designing special women’s models for the Spring / Summer 2018 collection.

The Women’s Alliance is now being expanded with two new members for the winter collection. Angela Glitz and Franziska Köhler both work closely with the Hanwag Research and Development department, providing feedback on the functionality, form, colours and designs of the new Active Winter models. The process has highlighted the importance of outstanding comfort for women’s winter footwear. In addition, Angela and Franziska value the multifunctionality of Hanwag’s women’s boots.

Both Angela and Franziska are members of the Fjällräven marketing team in Vierkirchen. This means they sit right next door to Andreas Settele and the Hanwag shoe designers. Both are passionate outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy spending time in the mountains and nature. Angela is 29 years old and lives in Munich. On the weekends, she’s often out and about in her local Bavarian mountains with friends and her camera. Franziska (27) comes from Buchloe in Allgäu and is very fond of her home region. Whether on foot, on her bike or on skis in winter, she loves being out in the fresh air. Angela’s favourite from the collection is the PULJA LADY ES, in the honey/jeans version. Franziska prefers brown-coloured winter footwear, as it’s easier to combine. She likes the SAISA HIGH LADY ES in mocca.



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