Traditional Handcraft Meets Modern Design - Hanwag Double Stitched 2017
STUIBEN II and KOFEL MID SPECIAL EDITION are great boots to wear with traditional Bavarian outfits or in the mountains

Date: 2017-08-24

Social media manager, IT consultant, financial controller – most of the new positions at Hanwag have been created recently, the same as in other companies. Expansion and advances in technology call for new areas of responsibility that were unheard of a few years ago. While the wheels of innovation continue to turn, one aspect of Hanwag’s headquarters in Vierkirchen is to a certain extent timeless. Bootmaking here and at the other Hanwag sites in Europe still involves traditional handcrafted methods. The Bavarian bootmaker has been making robust mountain boots and trekking footwear for over 90 years using the same two techniques: cemented construction and double stitching. Double stitching is one of the most complex and high-quality constructions for making leather boots and shoes. Hanwag continues to use this technique and is upholding the tradition by supporting training for the few bootmakers able to master its complexities.

What makes a classic hiking boot? A high recognition factor? Tradition and expertise? High-quality workmanship? Hanwag’s classics are the models that it continues to make with a traditional double-stitched construction – and they tick all these boxes. This very complex technique is the highest-quality construction method available for making robust and sturdy footwear. And it’s often imitated, using an inferior alternative technique. However, Hanwag only uses genuine double stitching. This method reinforces the upper and midsole with two strong rows of stitches. It produces particularly sturdy footwear and ensures that all Hanwag models can be resoled, meaning that they literally last forever. To further reinforce the fact that traditional does not have to mean old-fashioned, Hanwag has decided to give some of its popular double-stitched boots a makeover. With their new colours and materials, Hanwag’s new stylish double-stitched models are heralding a new era and ensuring that this classic construction technique continues to enjoy widespread popularity today.


The KOFEL MID and STUIBEN are long-standing favourites in the Bavarian bootmaker’s double-stitched collection. Both models are now available in a new look for the hiking season 2017. Made from new cognac-coloured nubuck leather, the STUIBEN II and KOFEL MID SPECIAL EDITION are attractive boots to wear both in the mountains and everyday life. Both have a double-stitched construction which makes them particularly stable and long lasting. And if the soles should wear down, they can be resoled, which means that they will literally last you a lifetime.


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