Footprints in the snow – Hanwag Active Winter Season 2017/18
ANVIK GTX®, AOTEA GTX®, MOAPA GTX® and MOAPA LADY GTX® offer adherence, best fit and comfort for everyday use during the cold days.

Date: 2017-10-11

When a traditional German trekking boot manufacturer, established in 1921, gets together with a 128-year-old tire manufacturer, you can bet that’s a lot of brainpower under one roof.

Hanwag’s three new, high-quality multifunctional active winter boots have been developed exclusively with the new MICHELIN® V-ROUGH sole, based on the legendary MICHELIN Alpin 5 winter car tire. The new outsole offers particular traction and stability, while remaining abrasion resistant and durable at the same time. Hanwag’s new models ANVIK, AOTEA and MOAPA, all equipped with MICHELIN® V-ROUGH are available at retail stores since September 2017.


The MICHELIN® V-ROUGH sole is a unique and advanced mix of tread design and specially formulated rubber compounds that respond perfectly to ground conditions, offering tangible advantages to active winter sport enthusiasts as well as urban winter users. MICHELIN’s Winter Compound (WIC) is a soft anti-slip compound which offers firm grip down to -30 °C and good abrasion resistance. The MICHELIN® V-ROUGH tread design is characterized by siped sculptures for adherence during heel strike and toe-off (1) which result in maximum stability and control on rough ground. Specific tread design for progressive traction (2) and interlocked tread design improve adherence and durability (3). The arch area offers stability and control on obstacles (4), while wide grooves provide excellent water evacuation and enhanced flexibility (5). It successfully transfers the V-shape from the legendary MICHELIN Alpin 5 winter tire to a technical footwear sole. Exclusively available for the Hanwag Active Winter collection, the sole offers traction and adherence, and is self-cleaning and durable.